Monthly Archives: May 2013

Introduction to A Domestic Duchess


Ok, so I’ve decided what the changes to this blog will look like 🙂

First of all, there’s the obvious look of the site that’s changed.
Secondly, I’ve decided that this blog is just too cluttered with various ares of my life – mother, woman, wife, maid, childcare provider, etc.  So I’ve chosen to dedicate this site to my job as a WAHM (Work At Home MOM), as it was originally intended.

WAHM In A Jam  is where I’ll update you on all the cuteness, chaos and crafts surrounding me as a mother.  This will become more of a cutesy site where I can share the joys and challenges of motherhood.

A Domestic Duchess is WAM’s sister site, where my life as a wife will unfold.  This is the stuff you’re familiar with, but better 🙂  Feel free to Follow me on this wild and wonderful journey 😀


The Face Lift


That’s right, I’ve changed the look of my blog, and I kinda like it.  It’s not as stream-lined as my last one, and I probably won’t keep it as long, but it’s cute and playful, so for now, this is me 🙂  Feel free to let me know if you like it or not.  I used to have one that I loved, but WordPress doesn’t have it available anymore.

On top of the obvious change, I’m going to be minimizing the categories, and probably changing them altogether.  Could be an interesting time 😀

Minimalist Monday – The Kitchen


The kitchen is probably my least favorite room in the house.  Most women cook and bake, and they enjoy those things – not I.  I’m blessed to have a wonderful husband who loves to do both of those things, and he does them well.  I’m working on my confidence in the kitchen, but it’s a slow process 🙂  Because of my lack of enthusiasm in the kitchen, I don’t take pride in the room.  Today, I’m going to do what I can to make my kitchen at least a room I don’t dread walking into 🙂

DECLUTTER:  The kitchen and dining room table are the family dumping grounds, so today the “stuff” will disappear 😀
CLEAN:  I’ll start with an initial wipe over the entire kitchen so that all surfaces are clean.   This includes sink and floor.

That’s my task list for today.  I’m feeling a bit under the weather (suspecting a head cold) due to the rapid fluctuation in temperatures throughout the day.  So I have less energy than I usually do.

More House Hunting


I still have my heart on that 5 bedroom house I told you about, but since Mike’s not sold on it, we’re still loking.  Today I found this house:  frontlivingkitchen (1)bathroom It’s a 3 bedroom bungalow with a partially finished basement.  I can’t stand the exterior shape of the house, but I like the lot size, area and the interior pictures.  I especially LOVE the living room.  So we’re going to the open house showing on Saturday.  This house is in our price range – the highend, but still in.  It’s also close enough to town that I can still have a social life, but far enough in the country that it feels more secluded.

Project: Me


There`s a new urgency in my efforts to become the me I want to be.  Today`s ADHD diagnosis is the fire under my but that made me jump up and want to do something.  So today marks the beginning of Project: Me.  This will encompass weight, organization, cooking, parenting and housework.  Stick around, this could be interesting… 🙂

  • STEP 1:  Declutter
  • STEP 2:  Clean
  • STEP 3:  begin a workout routine
  • STEP 4:  Set a morning Clean Routine
  • STEP 5:  Organize EVERYTHING

The Diagnosis


I got back from my first appointment with my psychiatrist.  Turns out I exhibit all the classic signs of ADHD.  If you’re keeping track, that’s 3 for 3 family members that I’ve pre-diagnosed before a psychiatrist did 🙂  Thank you Dr. Russel Barkley!  Since my biological history is rather vague, this is most likely a result of my Shaken Baby Syndrome, which also caused my legal blindness.  Fun times 😦  It sucks, but I`m choosing to stay positive through this process.  My entire life, I`ve felt like a failure, and you`ve seen it in my many attempts in my domestic duties and other projects that I start and don`t complete.  Now, there`s a reason.  I`m not lazy or useless – I have a disorder that`s manageable.  Yes, I do plan to try the medication, because I have people depending on me to be organized and scheduled and on the ball.  It`ll definitely be interesting to see how this unfolds 🙂