Introduction to A Domestic Duchess


Ok, so I’ve decided what the changes to this blog will look like 🙂

First of all, there’s the obvious look of the site that’s changed.
Secondly, I’ve decided that this blog is just too cluttered with various ares of my life – mother, woman, wife, maid, childcare provider, etc.  So I’ve chosen to dedicate this site to my job as a WAHM (Work At Home MOM), as it was originally intended.

WAHM In A Jam  is where I’ll update you on all the cuteness, chaos and crafts surrounding me as a mother.  This will become more of a cutesy site where I can share the joys and challenges of motherhood.

A Domestic Duchess is WAM’s sister site, where my life as a wife will unfold.  This is the stuff you’re familiar with, but better 🙂  Feel free to Follow me on this wild and wonderful journey 😀


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