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Housewarming Party On A Budget


I realize that it’s a bit early to be planning a housewarming party, as we haven’t actually even moved into our new house, but we’re so excited (as are our friends and family) that I wanted to take some time to celebrate with those who have been with us on this house-hunting adventure.  As you know, I try to do everything as well and cost effective as I can, and this party is no exception.

  • Digital invitation = FREE
  • Food: 2 ingredient cake, punch and coffee = $3-$5
  • Party games = FREE

The entire event will cost about $5, and be a blast!  Really looking forward to taking a little break from the decluttering, packing, cleaning, unpacking and organizing that moving entails to spend time with family and friends.


Kayden’s 2nd Birthday Party


Wow, it’s hard to believe that my baby boy is turning two, in 2 1/2 short months!  That means it’s party plannin’ time! 😀

Party #1 – March 29:

  • guest list – family
  • invitations – digi invites
  • cake – Elmo shaped cake
  • food – pizza,
  • sweet treats: red Elmo face cake pops, edible crayons
  • drink – blue juice in rose bowl w/straw
  • goodies bags – crayons, goldfish, banana marshmellos
  • gift ideas – Elmo bedding,

Party #2 – March 30:

  • guest list: V, M&M, J&I
  • invitations: megnetic, brought to you by 2 & K
  • cake – Elmo shaped cake
  • food – mini pizzas, PB&J banana dogs
  • sweet treats – Elmo face cupcakes, blue jell-o fish bowl with fruit salad for gravel, and single candy fish
  • drink – red “Elmo” punch w/red boa around bowl
  • games – “pin”/velcro the nose on Elmo,
  • decorations:
  • goodie bags
  • gift ideas: anything Elmo and/or crafty

This is gonna be SAWEET!!!

Party Planning – The Cake


ABC BlocksI got in touch with an amazing woman who enjoys and is amazing at cake designing.  I ordered a block smash cake and 30 individual block serving-size cakes for Kayden’s birthday party.  I’m so very excited!!!  I’ve never been able to have a specialty cake done like this, and it’s such a massive blessing 😀