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Minimalist Monday – Kaleb’s Room


This Minimalist Monday is dedicated to my youngest son Kaleb.  He’s 2 and copying everything he sees.  I want to be a good example for him, so today he’s getting hs own room.  I’m taking him out of his brother Kailer’s room, which is chaotic right now, and putting him in the orange room.  I was going to make the orange room into the nursery, but decided this is best for now.  My goal is to equip Kaleb with the skills he needs to stay decluttered and organized.

So here’s the plan:

  1. sort stuff into designated piles according to person
  2. put items away from each pile
  3. clean room – vacuum, mop, dust
  4. bring in and organize Kaleb’s stuff
  5. create an easy-to-use organization system for him

Tackle It Tuesday – The Kitchen


This is our first Tackle It Tuesday together, welcome!  My first bunch of tackles will be bigger ones since my house needs her butt kicked supremely!  After the majority of the massive decluttering, I’ll calm down a bit and do other things like tackling my purse or baking or something like that.  I’m really looking forward to this and what it means for my overall life.  Thanks for being a part of it 🙂
Today’s tackle is my kitchen.  This is the “hot spot” in my house, so I want to keep it under control.  So here’s what it looks like today 😦  This is absolutely humiliating, but I know down the road when I’ve grown and learned the skills to keep things under control, this won’t happen.  Besides, I know that I’m not the only one with this struggle, and I’m just hoping this will help you know you’re not alone, and that you can do it!  That’s why I’m doing this.  So, her goes.

Here’s the 5-step tackle plan:

  1. clear surfaces
  2. wash dishes
  3. clean surfaces
  4. declutter
  5. clean floor

I forgot to take a pic, so I’ll post one early tomorrow morning 🙂

Minimalist Monday – The Living Room


Welcome to Minimalist Monday!

Today I’m decluttering my living room.  Here is a before picture.  Yup after one slack weekend, this is actually what it looks like.  I’m being brutally honest, and ashamed enough to do something about it.  I’d love for you to join me if you’d like.  If you’re a procrastinator, you’re not alone, obviously.   This is our journey together.  Well, off I go!

Alright, so here’s the 5-step plan:

  1. clear the floor and surfaces
  2. vacuum
  3. take out any excess items
  4. dust
  5. reorganize

And here is the finished product.  It’s not perfect, but I’m happy for today, and looking forward to the growth and satisfaction ahead  🙂

Change Is Good


Change is good, and I not only embrace it, I encourage it and entice it 🙂  Be it change of season, change of address, change of clothes, whatever it is, I’m all for it!  One of the things I especially love about living in Manitoba Canada is our change of seasons.  Autumn will be upon us in 5 days and I can barely wait.  The crunch of the leaves, the crisp evening air, bond fires and the spectacular colors are just amazing!  Plus it means that Christmas is on its way.  Most people dread fall and winter, but I suffer from a disorder called hypothyroidism where heat, especially humidity  causes me to sweat all spring and summer, and I’m just not a fan of perspiration.  So bring on the cool seasons!
I’m stuck inside for the majority of the summer, so now with fall almost here, I’m getting outside, exercising and cleaning.  Oh man, it’s Minimalist Monday, and I have some decluttering to do 🙂

Being Proactive In My Plan


I’ve decided that I’m going to begin a weekly regiment to aid in my journey to becoming the woman I want to be.  Mondays and Tuesdays will be my “Tidy”:days, since that’s my biggest flaw as a wife and mother.  I’m a procrastinator, and I’m choosing to be proactive in my fight against it.  So from now on Mondays will be Minimalist Monday and Tuesdays will be Tackle It Tuesday.  This also means that I will be blogging on these days, so hopefully you’ll look forward to that 😀

The Jam About This WAHM


Hi all!,

My name is Lisa.  I am a wife and mother, and wouldn’t have it any other way 😀  My husband Mike and I have been married for 7 years  and we have 2 wonderful sons – Kailer (Ky-ler) who is 8 and Kaleb who is 2.  We also have one more bundle of joy on the way. For the past 3 years, I have been Co-CEO of the Steinbach Humane Society which is a pro-life registered non-profit rescue.  It’s been wonderful, challenging and life-altering.  I love the business world and have an entrepreneurial mind, but my heart is at home with my family.

Kailer is my scientist.  He loves learning, exploring, experimenting and testing limits.  He’s got an amazing mind and is super creative.  He loves science of any kind and building things. Kailer was diagnosed with ADHD last year, and is coping really well.

Kaleb is my jock.  He’s all about activities and transportation.  He is crazy about airplanes and sports.  He plays rough and loves challenges.  He’s a lot more outgoing than Kailer was at this age, but it keeps life interesting.

Welcome To WAHM In A Jam


What is a WAHM you ask?

A WAHM is a Work At Home Mom, She is a mother who takes her job seriously and aims to do it to the best of her ability, instead of lying on the couch and watching soaps all afternoon.

I happen to be a WAHM, and as such am in a daily jam 😀  My life is busy, complicated, loud and messy – I’m looking to change that a little, while keeping the joy and laughter of course.  My goal is to declutter my life and fill it with simple pleasures, magic moments and cherished memories to last a lifetime.