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Kayden’s 2nd Birthday Party


Wow, it’s hard to believe that my baby boy is turning two, in 2 1/2 short months!  That means it’s party plannin’ time! 😀

Party #1 – March 29:

  • guest list – family
  • invitations – digi invites
  • cake – Elmo shaped cake
  • food – pizza,
  • sweet treats: red Elmo face cake pops, edible crayons
  • drink – blue juice in rose bowl w/straw
  • goodies bags – crayons, goldfish, banana marshmellos
  • gift ideas – Elmo bedding,

Party #2 – March 30:

  • guest list: V, M&M, J&I
  • invitations: megnetic, brought to you by 2 & K
  • cake – Elmo shaped cake
  • food – mini pizzas, PB&J banana dogs
  • sweet treats – Elmo face cupcakes, blue jell-o fish bowl with fruit salad for gravel, and single candy fish
  • drink – red “Elmo” punch w/red boa around bowl
  • games – “pin”/velcro the nose on Elmo,
  • decorations:
  • goodie bags
  • gift ideas: anything Elmo and/or crafty

This is gonna be SAWEET!!!


$2000 10 Day Family Vacation!


I just finished the plans for our 2014 Family Vacation, and it’s gonna be AMAZING!!!  For $2000 (rounded up), we’ll be heading to Saskatchewan to visit my family, Drumheller Alberta to tour the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Okanogan Lake to visit the home of the Ogopogo lake monster, and the Cascade Mountains, which are home to Big Foot (My son and I are big into Cryptozoology).  Then we’re going whale spotting for 3-7 hours for only $315, where we’re guaranteed to see whales, or our next visit is FREE!  After that, we’re off tot he Vancouver Aquarium and visiting my cousin in BC.  On our way home, we’re stopping at the Yamnuska WolfDog Sanctuary where I (and maybe Mike) will be able to spend 45 one-on-one minutes with the wolves/wolfdogs, before heading to the Calgary Zoo.  We’ll stop to stay with friends in Swift Current, and finally back home on Sunday evening.
I’m planning to pack lots of drinks and snacks, and shop for other items at Wal-Mart during the trip.  We’ll eat at very few restaurants as well, to keep our food coast low.

Here’s the financial breakdown:

  • Gas:   $700
  • Lodging:   $500
  • Food:   $200
  • Admission:   $530

So all in all, it’s about $2000 for a fun-filled 10-day 5-member family vacation 😀

Grade 5 Curriculum


grade 5 curriculumAlthough homeschooling Kailer is gong really well, planning each day’s lesson is the hard part.  I try to plan during the Kayden’s nap time, but that’s about the only time I have to do it.  So last night, Mike ordered me the standard grade 5 and 6 curriculums, which I’m pretty excited about.  It didn’t cost that much, as we ordered via Amazon.  The books will arrive in about 2 weeks 🙂  Of course, I’ll still be planning the projects, and going on field trips, but this will make planning so much easier and enjoyable 🙂

Bird Day


Today is Bird Day, according to the silly holidays site I visit.  So today the older boys and I studied our favorite birds.  My favorite is the Hawk, Kailer’s is the McCaw, but our charactor Kaleb’s favorite was a little different – Angry Birds  😀  So I went looking for the real birds that the angry birds are created after, and found THIS amusing site that made Kaleb giggle and giggle 😀