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Minimalist Monday – Caffeine Induced Purge


Caffeine YES, clutter NO!  Yes, I may have had a love affair with the caffeine again today 😀

I’m beginning with the stuff in our house – items that I bought or got that are kinda cool, but actually unnecessary.  For example, I have 3 table booster seats collected from my babysitting days, a big ugly floor fan, a lamp that works but is wobbly, many books we don’t read, an adjustable foldable table…I could go on and on, but I’m sure you get the picture.

The second part of my purge is the clothing.  My boys are growing so fast, but there’s 6 years between Kailer and Kaleb, so I really don’t need to be saving the clothes to pass down.  I may have a slight shirt obsession, so my closet is crammed with clothes I don’t wear anymore or have never worn.  I have a skinny box of clothes filled with adorable clothes that I hope to fit into one day.  The fact is that I’m more or less content with my body, and I will probably never be a size 28 jeans again, and if I lose weight, MCC has equally adorable clothes, and at $7 for a bag of clothes, I really can’t lose, and it’s not worth saving my current clothes.

My plan is to make a list of all these items, take a picture of each and sell them online.  If that doesn’t work, I’ll just bring them to my friend’s place for our second annual garage sale.  The clothes are going straight there on Wednesday evening.  If they don’t sell there, off to MCC they go.


Is The WAHM A Sham Or Just In A Jam?


Good morning.  Today I’m going to introduce you to the chaotic side of my life – the me you don’t see.  To meet me, you’d think I’m just the average wife and mother – a grocery shopping, house cleaning, nose wiping handy-woman…but you’d be wrong.  The me you don’t see if forgetful, late, disorganized, can’t multitask, and finds herself apologizing all the time.

So what’s up?  Is the whole blog a facade?  Minimalist Monday, Tackle It Tuesday…Have I been trying to trick my readers into believing I’m something I’m not?  No, absolutely not.  The fact is, I use this blog as one of my tools, to keep me on track, and accountable.

I believe I have a mild form of Fetal Alcohol Effects (FAE), and as a result, I struggle with memory and organization.  I don’t use FAE as a crutch, so I don’t tell people about it.  In reality, it’s something that’s managed and not treated anyway, so I’m just searching for some sort of management system that works for me, although at 31, you’d think I’d have found it by now 🙂  I’ve tried schedules, sticky notes, labeled bins, watches, day planners etc.  So far…nothing works.  My goal now is the minimalist approach.  In theory, if I have less, there should be less to misplace and forget about.  It’s worth a try.  I’ve even gone so far as to consider hiring a house cleaner once a month.  Luckily, I have amazing friends and family who are very understanding and non-judgmental, and even a few who offer to help out now and then.  That is completely humbling, and on the edge of embarrassing, but unfortunately it’s necessary sometimes.  I mean, I’m also a wife and mother, and my family means everything to me, so sacrificing my pride to keep them safe and happy is worth it.

So please don’t think I’m some perfectionist trying to “show you how it’s done”.  The truth is that it’s the opposite – this is my daily struggle, and I need you, your support and insight along the way 🙂  Thank you.