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Minimalist Monday – Clothing Sort


Today I finished sorting and storing all of Kayden’s clothes by size.  He’s grown out of his newborn clothes, so I put those in a separate bin to sell, as he will be our last biological child.  Since I’m content in our decision not to have more children (for health reasons), selling the too-small clothes isn’t such an emotional process.


4 Weeks Old


Kayden is 4 weeks old today!
He’s so young and yet so big, and I already feel like I’ve missed so much.  I wanted to get his foot and hand prints done when he was born, but due to the medical staff needing to take blood samples and such so often, I couldn’t.  By the time we were home and his Bilirubin tests were done, I’d forgotten to do the ink prints.  Then we were preparing for the photo shoots, so I didn’t want to stain his hands and feet for that.  Now he’s almost a month old, so it really doesn’t make sense to do it now.  Ok, so it’s one thing I’ve missed, but it was important to me 🙂
I just talked to Mike about the prints and he as usual had a simple logical solution – do the prints, scan them and digitally shrink them to newborn size.  Sure, it’s not the othentic newborn print, but only Mike and I will know that…and you, of course 🙂  I admit, it’s a great solution.  Then I can scrapbook them and hang them on the wall, and no one will be the wiser 😉

Dunstan Baby Language Video


This is brilliant!  I learned about the Dunstan Baby Language a few years ago, and it works wonderfully.  Nothing is a substitute for a mother’s instinct, but when in doubt, it’s really nice to have a “manual” 🙂  Here are the sounds and what they mean:

  • Neh = hungry
  • Ow = tired
  • eh = needs to burp
  • uh = has gas
  • ha = is uncomfortable

Tackle It Tuesday – The Nursery…AGAIN


Yes, I am tackling the nursery again this week.
It seems that because the room is only really used for sleeping and no one besides Kayden and I really goes in there during the day, I tend to use it as a dumping ground.  It’s sad but true.  I organize it one week and by the next week it’s chaotic again, and I have no one but myself to blame.  So here are my BEFORE photos of shame 🙂

(after pics go here)



Last night when I was getting Kayden ready for his bath, I noticed that he had developed a lump on each breast about the size of a marble, but the left was larger than the right.  Mike Googled it and found out that it’s completely normal in both male and female babies, though it can be pretty alarming for parents who aren’t expecting it.  It’s harmless and seems to be painless, although if it becomes red, pussy, or Kayden becomes feverish, we are to go see the doctor right away.  These lumps develop sue to the release of mother’s hormones during late pregnancy and labor.  The lumps will disappear within a few weeks.