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Pinterest Tuesday: Barefoot Sandles


Good morning, and welcome to Pinterest Tuesday!

11001756_10152616915867120_6580439573259056018_n-2Each week, I’ll be posting a project I did using one of my MANY Pinterest pins.  This week’s project was inspired by a friend’s baby shower gift – barefoot sandles from a local big box store.  They’re adorable, and so simple to make.  These are made with removable flower.  Since I don’t have a sewing machine yet, I hand stitched this set, which is a little more time consuming but also very relaxing.  I began by measuring Kianna’s foot by wrapping the ribbon around her foot arch and ankle in a figure eight.  Then I took the ribbon, reformed the figure eight and stitched the ends together as well as the intersecting section – making sure the arch loop was slightly smaller than the ankle loop.  I made the flowers out of toule, and there’s really no right or wrong way to do this part.  I took a length of toule, folded it half, and then in half again and again until I had a two inch wide rectangle, then I folded it once more so that it became a square.  I cut open all the closed ends so I was left with a pile of square pieces of toule.  Then I cut the pile into a circle, so I was left with a pile of circle toule.  I used one circle as the base.  For my first set, I then proceeded to take one piece of toule at a time, fold it in half and string it at the folded base, pushing it down my thread to the toule base – making sure to rotate each sequencing piece 45 degrees, like steps.  At the top of the flower, I simply crunched a bit of toule and sent the needle down into it back to the base.  I repeated the threading from top to bottom a few times just to make it more secure, and then trimmed as needed to create the “ball” flower look.  To finish the project, I stitched a piece of Velcro to the bottom of the flower and top of the ribbon intersection.  I used Velcro so that I would be able to change the flowers according to Kianna’s outfit.  So I can make many more flowers to wear on the one ribbon.  Once she outgrows the ribbon, I can gift that one with a set of flowers to someone, and simple make a bigger figure eight ribbon for Kianna – still being able to use all of the remaining flowers.  This will save a lot of time and money, while making others happy to receive a gift 🙂


Organizing My 2015 Pinterest Projects


I LOVE Pinterest, but as a lot of moms, I haven’t taken the time to complete any of projects I have on my Pin Boards.  Actually, scratch that – I made homemade Mod Podge 2 days ago, but still haven’t tried it 🙂  Anywho, I’ve decided to do a Project 365… Pinterest style! 😀  Each Tuesday, I’ll post the previous 7 days’ projects with pictures 😀  I’m so very excited about this coming year – I have so very many things I want to accomplish in 2014, and I can hardly wait to start 😀  I have exactly 2 weeks to prep for this upcoming Pinterest marathon, so here goes phase one!

  1. create a Cued Pin Projects board on Pinterest
  2. pin 31 items to my Cued Pin Project board for January
  3. designate a pinned item to each day of the month
  4. make a list of materials needed for each cued project
  5. create a Completed Pin Projects board on Pinterest
  6. take pictures of finished “pin projects”
  7. write a blog post with the photos

There’s the Pinterest plan.  Whatcha think? 🙂

Feel free to check out my upcoming projects at:

Pinterest Tuesday: Father’s Day Reveal


I promised you I’d reveal our last week’s secret Father’s Day pins, and here they are! 😀

Fathers Day CollageKailer made a “Dad’s Stache” treat bag for Mike.  We went to Dollarama and picked up a pack of small treat bag, gift tags, and some Reeces chocolates.  Kailer colored and cut out a mustache from construction paper, and wrote “Dad’s Stache” on the label.  Mike loves peanut butter, so this was perfect!

Kaleb and I made a “You’re The Best Dad, HANDS DOWN” card.  I traced his hands and wrote a sweet message to Mike from Kaleb.  Then Kaleb colored the heart on the card cover.

To make the “I Love You This Much” card, I traced Kayden’s hand on a piece of construction paper that I had folded in half.  When I cut it out, I had two hand prints.  Then I took a strip of paper, wrote T H I S M U C H on it, folded it between each letter, and clued it to the inside of each hand print cut out.  Woilà, a cute card!!! 😀

We also made a DAD Photo literally in moments 🙂  I cut a letter D and a letter A out of a sheet of paper.  Then I took pictures of the boys with a letter, so that when I put the best pictures into frames and set them up, it spells DAD according to the boys’ ages 🙂  Mike really loved all the gifts.  Here are the links to the projects I found online:


Pinterest Tuesday: Father’s Day Gift…


So, I decided today that since I just can’t seem to take on enough projects at once 😉 I’d like to bring back Pinterest Tuesday!  For those of you who are new to this category, each Tuesday I will take a pin from one of my pin boards on Pinterest and complete it.  It’s only a once a week commitment, so I should be able to stick to it 🙂

I missed this past Tuesday’s pin, but obviously it’ll be a Father’s Day project.  Since my husband reads my blog now and then, I won’t post the reveal till either this weekend or next Tuesday, but it’ll be neat 😀

Looking forward to meeting you back here next Tuesday!!!