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Another Transition


K boysA few days ago, I was chatting with the mother of the two kiddos I do childcare for, and I told her that due to the combination of health issues and feeling overwhelmed, I needed to cut by on the number of days I do childcare.  She was more than willing to work around whatever I needed, which is wonderful.  However, this morning, she told me that her backup sitter is a family member, who actually prefers full time childcare.  So I will only be doing casual childcare for 2 families now.  I’m really sad, because I adore the kids I look after, but at the same time, I’m relieved.  This is my first year homeschooling Kailer, and my last year with Kaleb home before kindergarten, and I want to focus on my boys, especially now.  So although I’ll miss having the other kiddos over during the week, I’m thankful to God for this transition  🙂


Confession: Blabbin’ WAHM


There’s no theme to this post – just sharing my thoughts 🙂

IMG_3665I’m finding that I’m very restless as of late.  I get this feeling every now and then, and it drives me crazy!  It’s like there’s this event that I need to prepare for – only, there’s not!  😀  It’s the weirdest feeling, but leaves me feeling anxious and unprepared.  It goes away eventually, but until then, I find myself starting lots of little projects, to try and pinpoint what’s wrong 🙂
I’m wondering if it’s just the fact that winter is coming. I do remember feeling this at the end of winter as well. Could it really be that simple?  Weird.  Well then, I suppose I’ll just start preparing for winter, and see if that helps 🙂

I’ve also been thinking about quitting childcare.  That’s also an odd thought.  I’ve been doing childcare for years, and I enjoy it, but the thought of quitting just keeps crossing my mind.  It’s just a bit of a confusing time right now, but I’m becoming cool with it 🙂  God said this is my year of “Transition”, so I’m holding on to the fact that all this is His plan, not mine, so I don’t need to know what’s ahead, just willing to take the steps forward, letting him guide me 🙂

Things that I’m feeling an urgency about:

  • eternity of my family
  • Mike’s mental health
  • state of my house
  • organization in my life
  • my health (suspecting cancer)
  • Preparing for 2015 – yes, not 2014 🙂

Celebrating Life/Mourning Death


IMG_3557-2On Wednesday September 11th, in the midst of sullen reflection on the tragedy 12 years ago, my family and I celebrated life, as our Alley cat had her one and only litter of 5 kittens.  The delivery lasted from 2:34pm-5:43pm.  When I looked back at the notes I had taken during the delivery, I did notice the neat times 🙂  The delivery went well, with only a few hiccups that I had to help with.  For the first hour, Alley was affectionate and attentive, and as time has gone on, she’s begun to show signs of rejecting her kittens.  She doesn’t feed them as often as she should, although she enjoys lying beside them and watching them sleep.  She takes them out of the basket so she can sleep alone, and if we leave the door open, she brings the kittens to the basement.  We now have her confined to Kailer’s room, but she still won’t keep the babies in the basket.  I told Kailer to empty one of his bottom draws so that she can have a dark quiet place that’s semi-covered.  I think the basket may just be too open for her.

IMG_0024-1In the process of making a new space for her and her babies, Kailer came flying out of his room with a kitten in hand.  “Mom, you need to revive this kitten right away!”  When the kittens were born, the second one seemed pretty lifeless.  I told Kailer that it happens that way sometimes, but he begged be to help it.  Remembering the 101 Dalmatians movie, I began to rub it gently but vigorously, and in moments it began moving.  It was the runt, so I explained to Kailer that this one had to fight harder just to survive, and we’d have to watch it carefully.  It was this same kitten that Kailer brought to me this morning.  I tried the same thing, but was pretty sure it wouldn’t work… It didn’t 😦  Now my sweet boy is torn between the feelings of loss, anger at Alley, and not giving up on the other kittens.  We’ve decided to bury the kitten at my parents’ place, because Kailer is the type of person who appreciates the entire process.

We’re watching the other kittens closely, but in the meantime, I’m going to see if I can find a surrogate mother for the remaining kittens.

A Home Preschool


As kids have been heading off to school again this fall, I’ve been feeling so blessed to have my Kailer at home with me 🙂  He’s learning quickly, and should be caught up to my expectations for grade 4 by Christmas.  As I’ve been spending time with him, it`s hard not to be really upset with our slack public educational system.  Kailer`s printing is atrocious!  If he writes out a sentence, more often than not, I have to guess what it says – it`s that bad 😦  I asked him what shape a stop sign is, and he said a hexagon 😦  Yikes!
That said, he`s a brilliant boy, and retains knowledge like a super sponge 😀  So teaching him is simpler than most assume it is.  He`s got an amazing mind, and hunger for knowledge.  His favorite subject is science – any kind of science, but primarily chemistry 🙂  He also has a fantastic concept of structure, and can build intricate robots, planes and such with his Lego and Connects 😀

0boys-4Something that hit me like a ton of bricks last night is that my 4 year old Kaleb, will be heading off to Kindergarten next year!  Mike and I opted not to enroll him in preschool this year, because he`s very well socialized, and enjoys learning.  The thing is, after watching Kailer struggle through elementary school, I`ve become a VERY proactive parent.  So on top of homeschooling Kailer, I`ve decided to set up a home preschool time for my Kaleb as well 🙂  Because well, I have nothing else to do.  LOL!!!

Homeschooling: Day 1


kailer green screenWell, today was the first day of homeschooling with my son, and it went quite well, I must say 🙂  Today was simply establishing our routine, and quizes to see where exactly he stands in each subject.  There were a few areas of concern that will be addressed immediately:  printing clarity, shape recognition and naming, and geography.  He excelled in spelling and math, and is really eager to dive into science 😀  I’m so excited to be spending this one-on-one time with him.

Initially, I had planned to quit doing childcare, but the little ones I babysit are so well behaved that it’s not a hindrance at all – in fact, since they’re the same age as my younger two, it’s actually helpful to have playmates for my boys while I’m working with Kailer.

So, to tally up my life looks like so:  I’m a stay at home wife, and mother of three, I’m homeschooling my oldest, I have a small booming business, I’m on a mission to lose 20 more pounds, while planning my 10 year anniversary celebration, I’m in the church choir every weekend, we’re adopting a kitten in the near future, our cat is about to have kittens, I’m being treated for SCT/ADD, we’re trying for baby #4, and I have a decent social life.  I’m a pretty content lady 🙂