Monthly Archives: June 2012

Weight Loss Wednesday – A determined Loser


This Wednesday I weighed in at 160lbs.  I figured I’d have lost from last week, but I’m actually really happy with my outcome, even though I feel guilty that I’m still not putting in the effort I should.  Since Kayden was born, I’ve actually been content with my body even though I’m still not the size I’d like to be.  The main reason I want to lose weight is my kids.  I have 3 boys who will all be running circles around me, and I’d love to be able to go play a game of soccer, basketball or tag with them.  The second reason is my health.  I run a higher chance of developing type II diabetes due to genetics and my history of gestational diabetes, so keeping my weight down is really important to lower my risk.  The third reason is completely selfish…clothes! 😀  I love clothes, but having a complete wardrobe that looks great is every woman’s dream 🙂  I want to be able to step into my closet, grab an outfit and know that I’ll feel confident walking out of my house.  So summer 2012 will be about getting my buttin gear and ditching some of this weight 😀


House – Too Good To Be True?


As you know, I’ve been itching to move since we moved into our current house 🙂  First of all, I love moving, but secondly, I detest living in a side-by-side.  My neighbor is wonderful, but it just doesn’t feel like a home when you’re forced to live on the same lot as someone else.

Today I came across a 5 bedroom corner lot house being sold privately here in town.  It’s a 1 1/2 story (my favorite) with a finished basement, good sized yard, mature trees and a double detached garage.  If we don’t look at it when it sounds so perfect, I’ll always be wondering if we let a great thing slip through our fingers.  So Mike agreed that we should take a look at it.  It’s actually just down the street from where we live now.  It’s had its share of owners, but the current owners have renovated it.  Makes me a bit nervous, but it’s still worth a look.  If we like it, we’ll consult our realtor to get the house history.


Yes, the house was too good to be true.  It’s small, which is obvious, but it’s really old as well, and although the current owners did a great job on the renos, the age can’t help but show itself.  So, we’ll keep looking.  We’ll find our house one day.

Minimalist Monday – Boys Rooms


Well, I did it again – This time I moved Kaleb out of the nursery and into Kailer’s room.  I just wasn’t comfortable with a 2 year old and new baby in the same room.  So today, my plan is the following:

rearrange furniture if needed
organize all baby items

Boys’ Room:
organize dresser
minimize toys
clean floor

We’ll see how long this change lasts, but for now it’s working…kind of 🙂

ISR – Infant Self Rescue Method (video)


Mike took our 2 older boys swimming last night.  This got me thinking about enrolling them in swimming lessons, and when I should start with Kayden.  I found this YouTube video, and will be talking to the instructors at our local Aquatic Center to see if this is something they teach or will teach in the future.  It’s brilliant and necessary.

Tackle It Tuesday – My Legacy


I went to a funeral last night for a  wonderful woman who used to babysit me.  She and my mom stayed in touch, but I’m just not one of those people who puts a lot of effort into keeping lots of connections.  I have my close group of friends, and I’m content with that.  As I listened to the many people stand up and share their stories about how this woman had touched their lives, it humbled me.  One phrase that was used to discribe her is “If she knew you for an hour, she loved you for a lifetime”.  Wow, what an amazing legacy!  It made me wonder, if I passed away tomorrow, what would people say about me?  What kind of legacy would I leave behind, or would I be easily forgotten?  Those are pretty sobering thoughts.
So my tackle for today is to work on my legacy, now before it’s too late.  What kind of person:  wife, mother, daughter, sister, niece, cousin, friend etc. will I be?  How can I use the time I have to bless others?  The following will be some tasks I’ll be working on this week:

  • keep a date book with birthdays, anniversaries etc.
  • begin having people over for dinner, games, movies etc.
  • donate time to charities and the needy
  • plan a block party