Monthly Archives: August 2013



Now and then I get to this point where I’m really anxious – not in a bad way, just eager for something 🙂  This is often the time when I start a lot of projects, and this time is no acceptation 😀

Today is my 9 year wedding anniversary, and the day I begin the real planning process to our 10 year celebration.  September is also the beginning of the school year, so I’m gearing up for that.  We’ve decided to welcome a kitten into our life, so we’re searching for our perfect fur baby now 🙂  This is the year that I perfect my home, so I’m decluttering, shopping, getting decorating ideas, saving money, cleaning etc.  I’ve decided to lose 20 pounds this year, and hopefully get pregnant.  All of this on top of my regular family life, childcare, and new photography business 😀

I love being busy, but sometimes it feels like things are just not happening quickly enough.  It’s silliness, I know, but that’s me 😀


Much-Needed Update


I’m so sorry for taking such a long time to post.  The good news is, all is super well 😀  The daily headaches from my Concerta have eased off, and are now really mild.  Photography’s going great, and I’m working on my new site:  Kayden’s learned a few more words, and Kaleb turned 4!  Life is cruising, and I’m loving it! 😀

Upcoming Events The Month:

  • planning 4 birthday parties
  • planning my anniversery day
  • final prep for homeschool
  • perfecting the nursery
  • organizing my “office”
  • organizing my bedroom
  • organizing the “hobby room”

This month is gonna ROCK!!! 😀