Monthly Archives: December 2011

Online Shopping


I’m a member of a Facebook buy & sell groups for moms in my area, and I must admit that I’m totally addicted!  I just “bought” an Aquadoodle for Kaleb for $5!  I’m totally pumped!!!  If she lives close by, I’ll send Mike out to pick it up and pay for it right away so that Kaleb will have something to keep him busy this evening while we’re ringing in the New Year 🙂

I’m actually realizing from all my purchases that some things I buy are simply because I saw the ad for them and wanted it, but the practicality of the item isn’t worth buying the item for me.  For example, I bought a plush rocking horse for $40, but there’s no stability in the neck, so when kids put their weight on it, it just rocks forward and the kiddo is stuck in the forward position 🙂  I also bought a Fisher Price Ocean Wonders crib toy for $20, but realized that I bought it for the sounds, and I can just get the same effect from a DC with ocean sounds on it for way less than $20, so I’m reselling both items 🙂


Tackle It Tuesday – The Bathroom


Today’s tackle is the bathroom.  Living with guys, the bathroom is always a bit of a natural disaster.  Urine on the toilet, floor and tub all the time.  So I’m going to declutter, clean it naturally and then set some rules.

Tackle It Tuesday – The Kitchen


It’s said that the kitchen is the heart of the home.  Well my heart is not so healthy then and a little clogged.  So today I’m decluttering like crazy, dusting and organizing as much as I can.

  • did the dishes
  • cleared the counter
  • cleared, dusted and reorganized top of the top cupboards

I’m back!


It’s been a little while since I posted, but I’m back and eager to hang out with you again 🙂

So the pregnancy and regular household and motherly chores have been keeping me pretty busy.  The pregnancy is going fabulously.  I’m not in my 24th week.  Baby and I are both growing and active.  The ultrasound said it looked like a boy at my 15 week ultrasound, but I’ll get it confirmed if I have a second ultrasound.  And of course I’ll pass the info on to you 🙂  If you’re interested in following my pregnancy, you can find me at  I’d love o have you join the journey 🙂

My house looks a little different since I’ve been nesting and such.  I’ve been rearranging like a mad woman, but really enjoying it.  The boys are in the same room, and Mike converted the loft bed into a bunk bed.  Kaleb’s orange room is now the nursery, and I just bought a beautiful 4in1 convertible crib from my cousin.  I sold the huge aquariums and stand so that my dining room is now a functional eating area.  The living room chairs went the basement and my parents gave us their old love seat that has taken the place of the chairs.  I’m also in the process of turning the basement “man cave” into a family/rec-room.  There’s still lots to do before I’m content with my home, but it’s getting there 🙂

So yes, busy I have been, but it’s nice to be back.

Tackle It Tuesday


Alright, so it’s been a while since I posted, but it happens to be Tackle It Tuesday, so here’s my list for today:


  • empty fish tank so Mike can store it in the basement
  • clean fridge interior

Dining Room:

  • empty storage Cabinet so Mike can take it downstairs
  • declutter


  • clean shower
  • clean floor (vacuum & mop)

Living Room:

  • declutter living room
  • clean floor (vacuum & mop)


  • clean floor (vacuum & mop)
  • declutter (1 jacket & pair of footwear)

Kailer was suspended for a day for fighting in school, so I have an extra helper today.  We’ll see how that plays out 🙂