Potty Time! Β Excellent!


Childcare has been a part of my life for years – I thoroughly enjoy it, and am honoured to be able to bless other parents with my service.  The first little boy I did childcare for actually has his own baby now, which makes me feel so old, but also very nostalgic.  

The hardest part of my job is actually when the little ones start school, and no longer need me.  Next to that, the most challenging task would probably be potty training.  Recently, my full timer’s mom switched from disposable diapers to cloth.  Rinsing out the diapers with 2 toddlers and a preschooler under foot can sometimes prove to be quite interesting, so before her ir st birthday I put little Miss H on my daughter’s potty schedule – mainly to be able to keep an eye on her, but I quickly realized that it was also cutting back on the amount of diapers I was needing to wash.  BONUS!!!  Today set my alarm so that they go for potty breaks every hour around their nap.  My goal is to have my daughter potty trained before she turns 2 in exactly three weeks, and since Miss H’s mom is keeping her on the same schedule at home, she may be trained soon to Our!  The race is on! πŸ˜€

Spring Break!


Is anyone else starting Spring Break this way?  Must caffeinate before attempting to tackle Mount Laundry!  

Too many parents dread  Spring Break, because we as a western society have been lulled into this “me first” way of thinking, which sadly means we no longer prioritize our own children above ourselves, and that sucks!  I’m not anywhere near being a perfect parent, but I wake up each morning and try again.  

Today we have a full day planned, and I’m really excited about it!  First we’re going to clean the little boys’ room, and then we’re going to decorate it with a superhero theme!  

I love doing special things to make my kids feel important and treasured.  It doesn’t take a whole lots of money to bring my kids joy, but they can sure tell when I put effort in and when I don’t.  More than anything, it’s my attention they crave, so when they can be involved in projects like this with me, it brings us so much closer.

A New Gear!


For so long my 6 year old has started every school day in neutral, and I have to push him so hard to get each task done in order to get to the bus on time.  I recently put him on a strict alarm system, which seems to be exactly what he needs.  I set an alarm to begin each of his morning tasks, and since he can read, he knows exactly what to do when the alarm goes.  There’s no pushing required 😊

– Lovin’ life! πŸ˜€

The One-Year-Till-Disney Countdown Begins!!!


This morning, I announced to the kids that we will be leaving for Walt Disney World in exactly one year!  As expected, they were so excited, especially our 3-year old πŸ˜€

My plan was to make some 2-ingredient Mickey cupcakes, but after realizing we have no pop in the house, I whipped out my plan B, and made some quick and easy Mickey Oreos πŸ˜€. Even my 12-year old thought they were pretty neat 😊. My little guy asked if we could have a Mickey Mouse party everyday until the trip.  I shot that idea down pretty quick 😊. I comprehend by suggesting a monthly party, to which he agreed πŸ˜€


Sew Many Projects!


I have so many sewing projects on my to-do list, but I don’t actually own a sewing machine – silliness, I knowπŸ˜€. I’m currently borrowing my friend’s machine, but am in the process of getting my own, which will be so wonderful!  Kailer is also very creative, so part of our curriculum this year will be sewing.  I’ve already found a great go-video (http://youtu.be/D1cKW8dz2Yo ) for him.  It’s gonna be a ton of fun!πŸ˜€

This is my first to-do list:

  1. Onesie dress
  2. Square Circle Skirt
  3. Infinity Scarf Bib
  4. Ruffle Butt Diaper Cover
  5. Leggings Skirt
  6. Tot Tie
  7. Tutu-Style Skirt
  8. Baby Leggings
  9. Kiddo Toque 
  10. Adding Length

I’m so eager to get startedπŸ˜€. And looking forward to posting pics of my adventures!

If you have low vision like I do, this site may be helpful: http://www.magnifyingaids.com/Sewing

Kailer’s Birthday Party


It’s that time of year again:  time for birthday party planning!  Seeing as Kailer’s birthday is on August 17, his is the first in the birthday snowball 😊

The party will be on his actual birthday, which falls on a Monday this year.  Since his attitude was perfect when he asked, he’s allowed to have a boys and girls party from 5:00pm-7:00pm.  The theme of the party is Minecraft of course 😊. I have lots of really cool Minecraft decorations, food and games planned.  Pinterest has been serving me well 😊


The Disney World Dream


My family and in-laws have been planning a trip to Disney World – something I had never even considered until recently.  My in-laws are great, and it was actually my mom in-law’s dream to take her grand babies to Disney World, but as the grand babies kept arriving, her dream just became less and less realistic.  She now has eight grandkids and one great grandson, so unless she won the lottery, the Disney thing just wasn’t going to happen…until now!  

Mike and I began talking about planning this trip a few months ago, after friends of mine told me about their Disney trips, and how affordable it can actually be.  During our discussion, I told him that I just couldn’t imagine going without his parents, and he totally agreed 😊

The plan we put together was for fall 2017, but that changed this past Saturday.  The new plan is the same, except for the date, which is now set for fall 2016 – that’s next year!!! πŸ˜ƒ. I’m so nervous and so excited!  Let the planning “begin”!  

I’ve mapped out out route, calculated our costs, scheduled our days, wrote out a packing list, made a Pinterest board and downloaded helpful apps, and I feel totally unprepared, but thrilled at the same time πŸ˜ƒ. I still have meal plans to perfect, a bin to fill with Disney gifts so we don’t have to buy souvenirs at the parks, make or put together outfits for the kids, lose the excess weight…  Ah!  Have I mentioned that I’m super duper excited?!!!