The Diagnosis


I got back from my first appointment with my psychiatrist.  Turns out I exhibit all the classic signs of ADHD.  If you’re keeping track, that’s 3 for 3 family members that I’ve pre-diagnosed before a psychiatrist did 🙂  Thank you Dr. Russel Barkley!  Since my biological history is rather vague, this is most likely a result of my Shaken Baby Syndrome, which also caused my legal blindness.  Fun times 😦  It sucks, but I`m choosing to stay positive through this process.  My entire life, I`ve felt like a failure, and you`ve seen it in my many attempts in my domestic duties and other projects that I start and don`t complete.  Now, there`s a reason.  I`m not lazy or useless – I have a disorder that`s manageable.  Yes, I do plan to try the medication, because I have people depending on me to be organized and scheduled and on the ball.  It`ll definitely be interesting to see how this unfolds 🙂


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