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Confessions Of A WAHM: Roller Coaster Anticipation


Today’s confession:  I’m a gracious mother, but not a patient woman.

My ultrasound is in 9 days, and I’m absolutely climbing the walls with anticipation!  It’s like sitting at the top of a huge roller coaster, and waiting for that wild rush!  Everything about this pregnancy is so different than my other two, and that seems to just add to my anxious excitement.  I haven’t heard the heartbeat yet or know how far along I am, so the ultrasound will answer so many questions – the biggest of course being, boy or girl 😀  Until I know the gender, I can’t decorate or fill the draws with tiny adorable clothes or shop or pick a name…

If it’s a boy, I’d like to decorate the nursery with Baby Pooh & Friends or zoo babies/Noah’s Ark, but if it’s a girl, maybe ladybugs or pink & mocha, or purple and white…so many choices.  I’ve just gotta know! 🙂


The Crib


One of my friends gave me her extra crib today, so of course I set it up right away.  I’m so thrilled and thankful, because cribs can be really expensive, but kind of an essential.  It’s an older style crib, but still to-code, which is the most important thing.  For some reason I put it at the lowest setting, but realized that bending over that much just after having a baby will not be comfy, so I’m changing that today.  Once I have my ultrasound and know what we’re having, I’ll be able to decorate more gender-specific.  For now it’s just boring neutral colors.  But soon… 🙂

Tackle It Tuesday – Bathroom Counter


Today is a simple but important tackle.  Our bathroom counter seems to be constantly cluttered, and I admit that the mess is usually mine.

So the plan is the following:

  1. clear counter
  2. clean counter
  3. sort and put away items

Only 3 steps, because it’s a pretty small tackle, but like I said, it’s important.  It’s one more surfase that will be organized and uncluttered.

Minimalist Monday – Dining Room Table


Today I’m clearing the dining room table.  Society is putting less and less emphasis on family, and more and more on promoting the busy lifestyle.  This means less families are eating together at the ding room table, including mine.  We were doing well for a while, but have fallen back into our eat-anywhere habit.  Our table is one of those catch-all spots.  It’s a beautiful table, and it’s a shame we don’t use it as much as we should bust because it’s always covered with “stuff”.

Maybe because it’s autumn, or it may be the pregnancy, but I’m determined to get this place in shape!  I know what I want it to look like, but we have so much STUFF, and so many bad habits to break.  It’s gonna be an uphill battle, but I’m not giving up.  There are days when I want to put it all in a dumpster, but that won’t salve the issue of our bad habits, so the battle continues, and I’m up for it!

Here’s the plan for the table:

  1. clear off table
  2. clean table
  3. dust dining room light
  4. sort and put away table clutter
  5. redecorate and set table

Off I go!

Confessions Of A WAHM: Married Single Mom


My first confession is that I do not have the support system that I seem to have and it hurts and worries me.

I absolutely admire single mothers – whether by choice or decision.  Single parenting has got to be the hardest job there is, so by no means do I want any single moms to be insulted by this post, but I do need to vent.

So what’s the deal with the post title?  Well it explains exactly how I feel most days.  I’m married to an amazing man who has simply chosen not to live up to his potential in the parenting department.  We have 2 children and a third on the way.  At this point you may be asking “Why would you have another child if he’s MIA with the other two?”  Well, I didn’t say he doesn’t love his kids – he absolutely does, with a passion, but he just takes parenting shortcuts more often than not.

For example, we attend an information class for expectant parents every other week.  This last week he told me as we were on our way out the door that he wasn’t going to go with me to the class.  His reason?  “I already have 2 kids.”  He shut up very quickly when he realized what he had said, and allowed me to go off on a let-it-fly kind of rant about how I have those same 2 children, but I attend the classes because as a parent I still have a lot to learn, and so does he.

This is the kind of attitude I do my best to comprimise with on a daily basis.  For the most part, I just suck it up and do what needs to be done.  I make our 8 year old’s lunch for school, sign his agenda, mark down important events, teach him street sense, help him clean his room, know where he is at all times, diagnosed him with ADHD before the doctor, bath our 2 year old, teach him his colors, ABCs, counting, manners and all the other basic skills.  When one of our boys has a nightmare or is hurt, they come to me.  If something is wrong that has anything to do with the boys, it falls on me, not Mike.

I do my best not to complain, and instead to encourage him, but Mike has always taken the easy route, and I just don’t see that changing anytime soon.  Maybe one day…

Tackle It Tuesday – My Desk


Today’s tackle will be a smaller one – my desk.  Due to the pregnancy I’ve been falling behind on my blogging and big room purges, so I figured this would be a nice break, and a way to keep feeling positive about my journey.

I chose this desk because it doesn’t take up a lot of room.  I do a lot at my desk including work, gaming, blogging and general computer use, so it becomes a nice little catch-all hot spot as you can see.  I don’t like it, but it seems to happen over and over.  So today will be a real attempt to clear out the clutter and find an organizational system that really works for me.

I’m really looking forward to Christmas, which is one more reason for me to continue the work.  I want to decorate, but not on top of my exsisting clutter.

Here’s the plan:

  1. clear off the desk
  2. clean the desk
  3. sort everything into categories
  4. put away items that don’t belong on the desk
  5. set up an organizational system for desk stuff

Ok, here goes!