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Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution


I learned about this series of videos called Incredible Creatures That Defy Evolution, and really enjoyed watching them with my Kailer, so I thought I’d share this with you 🙂


Kailer’s Decade Party Prep


This August is Kailer’s 10th birthday, and I plan on making a really big deal of it  😀

First of all, I’m planning 3 parties – one with my side of the family, one with Mike’s side, and a friends party.  Yes, I may have to take out a loan.  LOL!  It’ll be an entire weekend celebration from August 16-18, and I’m really looking forward to it 😀

Party #1: The Friends Minecraft Party
9321ef988955690f9fec32e3767ad0cc-1 – My plan is to have Mike create and print out 10 Minecraft invitations
– I’m going to order a TNT cake and put sparklers on it
– After hot dogs and cake, we’ll head over to the park.
– When we get back, it’ll be time to open gifts.
– Then they’ll play Mikecraft, or course.
– And to top off the day, one friend can spend the night.

Party #2: Grandma & Grandpa Party
This will be a straightforward family/family friends get together.

Party #3: Oma & Granddad Party
For this party, I’ll order a larger Minecraft themed cake, because 2 of my nephews on this side of the family are also huge Minecraft fans, and I know they’ll enjoy the cake almost as much as Kailer  🙂  I think I’ll give my cake lady free reign on this project, because she’s absolutely amazing, and I know I’ll love anything she designs 😀

I still haven’t decided what kind of a birthday gift to get Kailer, but he’s pretty easy to shop for.

Of course, Mike will do Kailer’s birthday studio photo shoot, which I look forward to all year 😀

/essential Ideas For Parents of A Child With ADHD – video


I’ve posted other videos by Russel A Barkley.  This is the first time I’ve watched this one from start to finish, and I find it absolutely fantastic, as are his other videos.  Besides gaining a clearer picture of what my Kailer struggles with each and every day, and loving him even more for it, I find these videos challenging on a personal level.  Through my research into ADHD, I’ve come to the conclusion that I more than likely suffer from the disorder as well.  If you follow my blog, you’re probably aware of my consistant inconsistencies.  I begin so many projects with gusto and good intentions, and even a brilliant plan, but almost every time, I (for no apparent reason) fall off the wagon and just stop what I was doing.  It’s absolutely frustrating and depressing.  I’ve crumpled to the floor in tears on countless occasion, because I feel like I’m a complete failure in everything I attempt.  I’ve been called lazy, stupid, useless, failure, careless…and so on.  And these names have been tossed at me by people I love.  The trait I pocess that keeps me going is tenacity – it’s chaotic, but it’s there.  If I fail at one thing, just wait a little while, and you’ll watch me begin another project 🙂  Why can’t I apply my tenacity to the projects I fail before I fail at them?  I have no idea.  That’s why I believe I am dealing with ADHD.

So yes, I am working on outlining a new house keeping project, because this is something that is important to me and needs to get done.  So stay tuned for the new project 😀

Depressing Diagnosis


It’s been an incredibly busy day.  In the first half of the day I joined my Kailer during his psychiatrist appointment.  It went really well for the most part.  The doctor was very approachable and kind, and didn’t make any of us uncomfortable.  The reason I pushed for this appointment was to have a professional to take a look at Kailer and his history, and see if he may have developed Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) as a result of him having ADHD.  The doctor didn’t diagnose him today, which is good, because he still doesn’t know Kailer.  He does seem to think Kailer is heading in that direction though, and has made his first pit stop at Depression.  With this diagnosis, he prescribed Fluoxetine – better known as Prozac.  Fan-freakin-tastic!  I don’t think so 😦  He wants me to put my 9 year old son on an antidepressant?! Although this drug has been around since the 1970s, I suspect it wasn’t meant for children.  Kailer is already on Concerta, and the main side effect for him is a loss of appetite.  One of the side effects of Prozac is also loss of appetite.  Um…did anyone read Kailer’s chart?  Wow.

Now, I’m no expert, and I am by no means saying that depression doesn’t exist.  Depression is real, and it’s painful to live and watch.  Now, having said that, I am pretty sure my Kailer is not suffering from depression.  He does have low self esteem, but that and clinical depression are two very different things.

The doctor told me to start Kailer on the Prozac this weekend, but I won’t be doing that.  For now I’m researching like a maniac and collecting the opinions of others.  So feel free to let me know what you think of this.  Thanks so much.

The Homeschooling Verdict


Mike and I just came home from our date, and the verdict is in…Kailer will be homeschooled next year!!! 😀  I feel like I should be aprehensive and such, but I’m not at all.  I’m excited and eager to get planning.
I’ve chosen to do the Child-Centered curriculum.  That way I can mold it to Kailer’s personality and learning style.  I have an overview written up already!

Sent Home…Again


So…my Kailer was just sent home from school.  They were having a terrible time with him there.  He kicked the resource teacher and swore at her, and he refused to do any amount of work.  They said it was absolutely pointless for him to stay at school, so home he came.

He’s sitting at the dining room table right now quietly doing the division math work he didn’t do in school.  Seriously?!  Apparently he’s like Jekyll and Hyde.  The odd thing is that Kailer wouldn’t dare act at home the way he does at school, because we have immediate consequences, and we aren’t polite about our warnings either.  So even our verbal reprimands and warnings are seen as consequences.  This is just one more situation that solidifies my decision to homeschool him.

Mike and I will be sitting down this evening to have an in-depth conversation about this.