Minimalist Monday – The Kitchen


The kitchen is probably my least favorite room in the house.  Most women cook and bake, and they enjoy those things – not I.  I’m blessed to have a wonderful husband who loves to do both of those things, and he does them well.  I’m working on my confidence in the kitchen, but it’s a slow process 🙂  Because of my lack of enthusiasm in the kitchen, I don’t take pride in the room.  Today, I’m going to do what I can to make my kitchen at least a room I don’t dread walking into 🙂

DECLUTTER:  The kitchen and dining room table are the family dumping grounds, so today the “stuff” will disappear 😀
CLEAN:  I’ll start with an initial wipe over the entire kitchen so that all surfaces are clean.   This includes sink and floor.

That’s my task list for today.  I’m feeling a bit under the weather (suspecting a head cold) due to the rapid fluctuation in temperatures throughout the day.  So I have less energy than I usually do.

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