Today’s To-Do List


Well, Mike and I finally have the moving itch at the same time, but it’s 2 years ahead of our plan schedule, of course 🙂  He wants a brand new house where he can finish the basement himself, and I want an older finished house with a yard.  We’re going to look at my “dream house” this afternoon, and if Mike falls in love with it, we’ll put in an offer that’s well below what the owners are asking.  Then we wait and pray 🙂  For now, I need to stay busy, keeping my mind occupied.
For now, Mike and Kailer are in the city, and I’m at home with the little ones.  I just downed an AMP energy drink, and am ready to clean 😀

Today’s to-do list includes the following:

  • wash dishes and clothes
  • disassemble Kailer’s loft bed and reassemble it in Kaleb’s room
  • organize Kaleb’s room
  • clean/organize Kailer’s room
  • arrange the nursery
  • tidy up the theater

I’m pretty sure I won’t get this all done today, but I’ll do my best.
Pics to come shortly 🙂


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