Tackle It Tuesday – Decluttering


Today I’m going to tackle the main floor clutter.  It’s been a wild and wonderful weekend, but I really didn’t get any decluttering done.  I was up a few times last night with Kaleb, so I’ll have to force a rise in my energy level with the aid of caffeine.  While Kayden was still sleeping, Kaleb and I had to be quiet.  Kaleb watched Sonic The Hedgehog and I worked on Mike and my 10th anniversary celebration plans.

We didn’t end up putting an offer in on that house that I love, which is disappointing, but I’m trying to be gracious about it.  So now while we wait to move, Mike said he’s going to do what he can to keep me content in this house.  He really is amazing  🙂  So I’m going to tidy up this place till I’m happy with it, and then let Mike make me an even happier lady 😀


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