Weight Loss Wednesday – A determined Loser


This Wednesday I weighed in at 160lbs.  I figured I’d have lost from last week, but I’m actually really happy with my outcome, even though I feel guilty that I’m still not putting in the effort I should.  Since Kayden was born, I’ve actually been content with my body even though I’m still not the size I’d like to be.  The main reason I want to lose weight is my kids.  I have 3 boys who will all be running circles around me, and I’d love to be able to go play a game of soccer, basketball or tag with them.  The second reason is my health.  I run a higher chance of developing type II diabetes due to genetics and my history of gestational diabetes, so keeping my weight down is really important to lower my risk.  The third reason is completely selfish…clothes! 😀  I love clothes, but having a complete wardrobe that looks great is every woman’s dream 🙂  I want to be able to step into my closet, grab an outfit and know that I’ll feel confident walking out of my house.  So summer 2012 will be about getting my buttin gear and ditching some of this weight 😀


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