Sew Many Projects!


I have so many sewing projects on my to-do list, but I don’t actually own a sewing machine – silliness, I know😀. I’m currently borrowing my friend’s machine, but am in the process of getting my own, which will be so wonderful!  Kailer is also very creative, so part of our curriculum this year will be sewing.  I’ve already found a great go-video ( ) for him.  It’s gonna be a ton of fun!😀

This is my first to-do list:

  1. Onesie dress
  2. Square Circle Skirt
  3. Infinity Scarf Bib
  4. Ruffle Butt Diaper Cover
  5. Leggings Skirt
  6. Tot Tie
  7. Tutu-Style Skirt
  8. Baby Leggings
  9. Kiddo Toque 
  10. Adding Length

I’m so eager to get started😀. And looking forward to posting pics of my adventures!

If you have low vision like I do, this site may be helpful:


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  1. I often have sewing ideas, and even own an old sewing machine, but I hate sewing! It frustrates me so much to do all that detailed work. I have done some simple sewing projects…but for the most part I’ll stick with paper instead of cloth! 🙂

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