Potty Time!  Excellent!


Childcare has been a part of my life for years – I thoroughly enjoy it, and am honoured to be able to bless other parents with my service.  The first little boy I did childcare for actually has his own baby now, which makes me feel so old, but also very nostalgic.  

The hardest part of my job is actually when the little ones start school, and no longer need me.  Next to that, the most challenging task would probably be potty training.  Recently, my full timer’s mom switched from disposable diapers to cloth.  Rinsing out the diapers with 2 toddlers and a preschooler under foot can sometimes prove to be quite interesting, so before her ir st birthday I put little Miss H on my daughter’s potty schedule – mainly to be able to keep an eye on her, but I quickly realized that it was also cutting back on the amount of diapers I was needing to wash.  BONUS!!!  Today set my alarm so that they go for potty breaks every hour around their nap.  My goal is to have my daughter potty trained before she turns 2 in exactly three weeks, and since Miss H’s mom is keeping her on the same schedule at home, she may be trained soon to Our!  The race is on! 😀

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  1. You are one brave mom…sometimes I think you have far to much on your plate. But then I know you can do it…You just need a maid to come in once a week to help you clean…Keep up the awesome job…LOVE YOU LOTS…

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