$2000 10 Day Family Vacation!


I just finished the plans for our 2014 Family Vacation, and it’s gonna be AMAZING!!!  For $2000 (rounded up), we’ll be heading to Saskatchewan to visit my family, Drumheller Alberta to tour the Royal Tyrrell Museum, Okanogan Lake to visit the home of the Ogopogo lake monster, and the Cascade Mountains, which are home to Big Foot (My son and I are big into Cryptozoology).  Then we’re going whale spotting for 3-7 hours for only $315, where we’re guaranteed to see whales, or our next visit is FREE!  After that, we’re off tot he Vancouver Aquarium and visiting my cousin in BC.  On our way home, we’re stopping at the Yamnuska WolfDog Sanctuary where I (and maybe Mike) will be able to spend 45 one-on-one minutes with the wolves/wolfdogs, before heading to the Calgary Zoo.  We’ll stop to stay with friends in Swift Current, and finally back home on Sunday evening.
I’m planning to pack lots of drinks and snacks, and shop for other items at Wal-Mart during the trip.  We’ll eat at very few restaurants as well, to keep our food coast low.

Here’s the financial breakdown:

  • Gas:   $700
  • Lodging:   $500
  • Food:   $200
  • Admission:   $530

So all in all, it’s about $2000 for a fun-filled 10-day 5-member family vacation 😀


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  1. That sounds like a wonderful vacation!! I know, because it sounds a lot like my husband’s and my honeymoon almost 9 years ago! We drove from here through Sask and spent most of our time in Alberta and BC. We went to the Royal Tyrell Museum, passed Lake Okanogan where I eagerly tried to spy Ogopogo, lol, and we went to the Vancouver Aquarium, which I LOVED!! You will have a great vacation 🙂 If you are interested, there is a creation museum that I think is about an hour from Drumheller. I’ve never been there but my dad has talked to the owner on the phone and it sounds like a neat place. Here’s the link for it: http://www.bvcsm.com/

  2. It all sounds good..can you pack me in your suitcase somewhere..and are you not going to visit your uncle and auntie in B.C. as well? Maybe you can all get together at one place..I’m just a little bit jealous..cuz I miss my brother so much…wishing you a wonderful time…just make sure to keep in contact with us somewhere during your trip. ..Love you.

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