Kayden’s 2nd Birthday Party


Wow, it’s hard to believe that my baby boy is turning two, in 2 1/2 short months!  That means it’s party plannin’ time! 😀

Party #1 – March 29:

  • guest list – family
  • invitations – digi invites
  • cake – Elmo shaped cake
  • food – pizza,
  • sweet treats: red Elmo face cake pops, edible crayons
  • drink – blue juice in rose bowl w/straw
  • goodies bags – crayons, goldfish, banana marshmellos
  • gift ideas – Elmo bedding,

Party #2 – March 30:

  • guest list: V, M&M, J&I
  • invitations: megnetic, brought to you by 2 & K
  • cake – Elmo shaped cake
  • food – mini pizzas, PB&J banana dogs
  • sweet treats – Elmo face cupcakes, blue jell-o fish bowl with fruit salad for gravel, and single candy fish
  • drink – red “Elmo” punch w/red boa around bowl
  • games – “pin”/velcro the nose on Elmo,
  • decorations:
  • goodie bags
  • gift ideas: anything Elmo and/or crafty

This is gonna be SAWEET!!!


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