Online Shopping


I’m a member of a Facebook buy & sell groups for moms in my area, and I must admit that I’m totally addicted!  I just “bought” an Aquadoodle for Kaleb for $5!  I’m totally pumped!!!  If she lives close by, I’ll send Mike out to pick it up and pay for it right away so that Kaleb will have something to keep him busy this evening while we’re ringing in the New Year 🙂

I’m actually realizing from all my purchases that some things I buy are simply because I saw the ad for them and wanted it, but the practicality of the item isn’t worth buying the item for me.  For example, I bought a plush rocking horse for $40, but there’s no stability in the neck, so when kids put their weight on it, it just rocks forward and the kiddo is stuck in the forward position 🙂  I also bought a Fisher Price Ocean Wonders crib toy for $20, but realized that I bought it for the sounds, and I can just get the same effect from a DC with ocean sounds on it for way less than $20, so I’m reselling both items 🙂


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