I’m back!


It’s been a little while since I posted, but I’m back and eager to hang out with you again 🙂

So the pregnancy and regular household and motherly chores have been keeping me pretty busy.  The pregnancy is going fabulously.  I’m not in my 24th week.  Baby and I are both growing and active.  The ultrasound said it looked like a boy at my 15 week ultrasound, but I’ll get it confirmed if I have a second ultrasound.  And of course I’ll pass the info on to you 🙂  If you’re interested in following my pregnancy, you can find me at rbabyblog.wordpress.com  I’d love o have you join the journey 🙂

My house looks a little different since I’ve been nesting and such.  I’ve been rearranging like a mad woman, but really enjoying it.  The boys are in the same room, and Mike converted the loft bed into a bunk bed.  Kaleb’s orange room is now the nursery, and I just bought a beautiful 4in1 convertible crib from my cousin.  I sold the huge aquariums and stand so that my dining room is now a functional eating area.  The living room chairs went the basement and my parents gave us their old love seat that has taken the place of the chairs.  I’m also in the process of turning the basement “man cave” into a family/rec-room.  There’s still lots to do before I’m content with my home, but it’s getting there 🙂

So yes, busy I have been, but it’s nice to be back.

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