4 Weeks Old


Kayden is 4 weeks old today!
He’s so young and yet so big, and I already feel like I’ve missed so much.  I wanted to get his foot and hand prints done when he was born, but due to the medical staff needing to take blood samples and such so often, I couldn’t.  By the time we were home and his Bilirubin tests were done, I’d forgotten to do the ink prints.  Then we were preparing for the photo shoots, so I didn’t want to stain his hands and feet for that.  Now he’s almost a month old, so it really doesn’t make sense to do it now.  Ok, so it’s one thing I’ve missed, but it was important to me 🙂
I just talked to Mike about the prints and he as usual had a simple logical solution – do the prints, scan them and digitally shrink them to newborn size.  Sure, it’s not the othentic newborn print, but only Mike and I will know that…and you, of course 🙂  I admit, it’s a great solution.  Then I can scrapbook them and hang them on the wall, and no one will be the wiser 😉


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