The Disney World Dream


My family and in-laws have been planning a trip to Disney World – something I had never even considered until recently.  My in-laws are great, and it was actually my mom in-law’s dream to take her grand babies to Disney World, but as the grand babies kept arriving, her dream just became less and less realistic.  She now has eight grandkids and one great grandson, so unless she won the lottery, the Disney thing just wasn’t going to happen…until now!  

Mike and I began talking about planning this trip a few months ago, after friends of mine told me about their Disney trips, and how affordable it can actually be.  During our discussion, I told him that I just couldn’t imagine going without his parents, and he totally agreed šŸ˜Š

The plan we put together was for fall 2017, but that changed this past Saturday.  The new plan is the same, except for the date, which is now set for fall 2016 – that’s next year!!! šŸ˜ƒ. I’m so nervous and so excited!  Let the planning “begin”!  

I’ve mapped out out route, calculated our costs, scheduled our days, wrote out a packing list, made a Pinterest board and downloaded helpful apps, and I feel totally unprepared, but thrilled at the same time šŸ˜ƒ. I still have meal plans to perfect, a bin to fill with Disney gifts so we don’t have to buy souvenirs at the parks, make or put together outfits for the kids, lose the excess weight…  Ah!  Have I mentioned that I’m super duper excited?!!!

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