Is it just me, or is parenting more complicated these days?  There are talk shows and self help books everywhere you turn, and it all seems to encourage a hands-off parenting style.  How sick is that?  We’re told to protect our fetuses, nurture our infants, protect our toddlers, but when our children begin to develop their own personality, and want to test boundaries, that’s when we’re told to back off.

I believe in a hands-on type of parenting.  Nurturing, protective, encouraging and disciplining.  Now there’s another hot topic – discipline.  What is okay and what’s not?  The government seems to slowly be tying our hands when it comes to disciplining our children, and it’s showing in the increased prison inmate numbers.  Personally, I see myself as raising future men.  My boys will most likely be employees, husbands and fathers.  Can you imagine these men lacking boundaries?  That quickly becomes a very scary thought.  My decisions today will affect more than just my children in the future, so making the right choices now is very important.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m nowhere close to being the perfect parent, but every day I get up and try again.  That’s really all any of us can do.  Feel free to follow my parenting adventures. 🙂


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