Thrift Store Score


This morning I visited my local MCC, and got 26 items that were priced at a total of $22.25, but because today is Bag Sale Day, I only paid $8.00, which is a savings of $14.25!  I also snagged a twin bed sheet for $1.50, and an entire 8 piece gender neutral nursery set for $5.00!!! 😀

I love shopping at MCC, and am a very proud supporter of the wonderful work they do in both our local communities and countries abroad.


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  1. Hello..another successful trip to MCC..that doesn’t surprise me..You find more then I ever will..but then I don’t have small children at home to buy for..BUT I give you alot of credit for all the things you find..Did you also bring some bags of stuff to MCC to donate? Have a wonderful day..Love you…MOM.

    • You bet! 😀 I brought a packed black garbage bag and box to MCC, and only filled a small white garbage back of stuff to bring home 😀 My current rule is 1 in and 3 out 🙂

  2. YAY! MCC is awesome. I practically refuse to buy things new anymore if I can get them there (unless they are things you just won’t find there… or Dollarama. Love me some dollarama, haha.) Congrats on your score! That sounds awesome!

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