Re-homing Our Fur Babies


IMG_5556 IMG_5562-1        With baby on the way, I can feel the pressure mounting to get my home in pristine condition.  I find myself dealing with a lot of things that I’ve been let sliding – the amount of clothing we have, unhung photo frames, space, and pets.  I love our two cats Mocha and Alley, but I realize that they are adding to the chaos.  Just the fact that they use the litter box and then walk all around the house with dirty feet is bad enough for me.  So, I’ve struggled with, and finally made the tough division to re-home our cats.  I’ll start with Mocha (our Siamese), as Alley is pregnant, and I want to wait until the kittens are weened to re-home her.  Kailer is super attached to Alley, and I know that separation will be incredibly hard on him.  For that reason, I’ll be working on finding a home for her with friends or family, so that he can visit her.


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