2013 In 2013 Challenge


At my wits end, and knowing my own personality, I Googled the term “declutter challenge” and found the 2013 in 2013 Challenge.  The goal is to get rid of 2013 items in your home before the end of the year.  Yikes!  You might think I’m nuts for starting this challenge in November, but honestly, the word desperate is much more suitable 🙂  I’m beginning the challenge today – November 7, 2013, and will go till the end of the year, and will keep a list of all the items I get rid of, and the method I used.  And yes, I will be rounding the numbers up  🙂 MINI CHALLENGE:  Monthly allowance is 168 items, which is 7 items a day (24 days left) in November, and 5 items a day in December. ULTIMATE CHALLENGE:  Annual 2013 total, which means I will be de-owning 33 items a day! I’ll start with the Mini Challenge, and if it’s going really well, I’ll work my way up to the Ultimate Challenge.  If you are choosing to do this challenge with me, I invite you to link to my blog, and leave your blog’s link in the comment section 🙂  Here we go!!!


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