Today’s To-Do Lists


Today, I’m focussing on trying to get the boys’ rooms rearranged and organized, so that they’re as functional as possible.  Here are my to-do lists to make that happen:

Kaleb & Kayden’s Room

IMG_4227I rearranged their room yesterday, so today is just last minute touches

  1. finish sorting clothes
  2. donate or sell extra clothes
  3. sort through toys
  4. donate or sell extra toys
  5. vacuum floor

Kailer’s Room

  1. take everything out of the room
  2. sweep & take out trash
  3. wash floor and walls
  4. get mattress to the dump
  5. sell dresser
  6. advertise Mac & Tosh (kittens)
  7. look for a twin mattress
  8. assemble loft bed in room
  9. place shelf (lined with bins)
  10. put posters on shelf instead of walls

The nursery isn’t a big deal, but Kailer’s room will probably take me all day – all morning just to work up the courage to step inside 🙂  But, it’ll be worth it!


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