Celebrating Life/Mourning Death


IMG_3557-2On Wednesday September 11th, in the midst of sullen reflection on the tragedy 12 years ago, my family and I celebrated life, as our Alley cat had her one and only litter of 5 kittens.  The delivery lasted from 2:34pm-5:43pm.  When I looked back at the notes I had taken during the delivery, I did notice the neat times 🙂  The delivery went well, with only a few hiccups that I had to help with.  For the first hour, Alley was affectionate and attentive, and as time has gone on, she’s begun to show signs of rejecting her kittens.  She doesn’t feed them as often as she should, although she enjoys lying beside them and watching them sleep.  She takes them out of the basket so she can sleep alone, and if we leave the door open, she brings the kittens to the basement.  We now have her confined to Kailer’s room, but she still won’t keep the babies in the basket.  I told Kailer to empty one of his bottom draws so that she can have a dark quiet place that’s semi-covered.  I think the basket may just be too open for her.

IMG_0024-1In the process of making a new space for her and her babies, Kailer came flying out of his room with a kitten in hand.  “Mom, you need to revive this kitten right away!”  When the kittens were born, the second one seemed pretty lifeless.  I told Kailer that it happens that way sometimes, but he begged be to help it.  Remembering the 101 Dalmatians movie, I began to rub it gently but vigorously, and in moments it began moving.  It was the runt, so I explained to Kailer that this one had to fight harder just to survive, and we’d have to watch it carefully.  It was this same kitten that Kailer brought to me this morning.  I tried the same thing, but was pretty sure it wouldn’t work… It didn’t 😦  Now my sweet boy is torn between the feelings of loss, anger at Alley, and not giving up on the other kittens.  We’ve decided to bury the kitten at my parents’ place, because Kailer is the type of person who appreciates the entire process.

We’re watching the other kittens closely, but in the meantime, I’m going to see if I can find a surrogate mother for the remaining kittens.


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