A Home Preschool


As kids have been heading off to school again this fall, I’ve been feeling so blessed to have my Kailer at home with me 🙂  He’s learning quickly, and should be caught up to my expectations for grade 4 by Christmas.  As I’ve been spending time with him, it`s hard not to be really upset with our slack public educational system.  Kailer`s printing is atrocious!  If he writes out a sentence, more often than not, I have to guess what it says – it`s that bad 😦  I asked him what shape a stop sign is, and he said a hexagon 😦  Yikes!
That said, he`s a brilliant boy, and retains knowledge like a super sponge 😀  So teaching him is simpler than most assume it is.  He`s got an amazing mind, and hunger for knowledge.  His favorite subject is science – any kind of science, but primarily chemistry 🙂  He also has a fantastic concept of structure, and can build intricate robots, planes and such with his Lego and Connects 😀

0boys-4Something that hit me like a ton of bricks last night is that my 4 year old Kaleb, will be heading off to Kindergarten next year!  Mike and I opted not to enroll him in preschool this year, because he`s very well socialized, and enjoys learning.  The thing is, after watching Kailer struggle through elementary school, I`ve become a VERY proactive parent.  So on top of homeschooling Kailer, I`ve decided to set up a home preschool time for my Kaleb as well 🙂  Because well, I have nothing else to do.  LOL!!!


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