Homeschooling: Day 1


kailer green screenWell, today was the first day of homeschooling with my son, and it went quite well, I must say 🙂  Today was simply establishing our routine, and quizes to see where exactly he stands in each subject.  There were a few areas of concern that will be addressed immediately:  printing clarity, shape recognition and naming, and geography.  He excelled in spelling and math, and is really eager to dive into science 😀  I’m so excited to be spending this one-on-one time with him.

Initially, I had planned to quit doing childcare, but the little ones I babysit are so well behaved that it’s not a hindrance at all – in fact, since they’re the same age as my younger two, it’s actually helpful to have playmates for my boys while I’m working with Kailer.

So, to tally up my life looks like so:  I’m a stay at home wife, and mother of three, I’m homeschooling my oldest, I have a small booming business, I’m on a mission to lose 20 more pounds, while planning my 10 year anniversary celebration, I’m in the church choir every weekend, we’re adopting a kitten in the near future, our cat is about to have kittens, I’m being treated for SCT/ADD, we’re trying for baby #4, and I have a decent social life.  I’m a pretty content lady 🙂


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