Lisa Rogal Photography


Now, what would a WAHM be with work?

Today I’m gearing up for fall by fine-tuning my schedule.  I really enjoy doing childcare, but the more I do, the less family time I have, and my family is my priority.  So, come fall, I’m going to stop doing more than casual childcare, and begin a new venture… Lisa Rogal Photography!

IMG_3284-2I absolutely love photography.  I think due to my lack of sight, I appreciate the fact that photos freeze moments in time.  That way, I can take it all in, and not miss so much.

Since closing the Humane Society in the fall of 2011, I also miss doing work that benefits others as well.  So, I’ve decided to geer my photography towards families, especially those who want nice photos but don’t have the financial means to have them done.
I graduated with a business major, and I enjoy marketing.  In fact, I’ve stepped on my husband’s toes so many times when it comes to marketing his photography business 🙂  I do have his blessing in this, without which I wouldn’t be able to start up this business.  He prefers to shoot weddings, where I prefer to do portraits, especially of kiddos.  So it works perfectly 😀  I have access to a studio, and Mike’s equipment as well.
I realize it sounds like I’m adding more chaos to my schedule, but nope.  I make my own hours, no one but my own family is messing up my house, and my little ones can nap when they need to without being woken up by the kiddos I babysit 🙂


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  1. Good afternoon my dearest some of your blog for about half an hr. I’m glad your going to not babysit as much anymore. I’m assuming only for Stephanie is my guess. I wish you well in doing photography, I know you’ll do well. And home schooling have my Blessing..I know he will enjoy it at home and he is a good kid..schools and teachers are not educated enough to deal with special needs children. I wish there was more I could do and sometimes that’s hard for me cause I would love to help you more. With tears in my eyes i want to tell you how proud I am of you and the wonderful job you have done with your family and that God will give you the strength to overcome obstacles that are fearful for you. I love you so much. Your the daughter God chose for me cause he knew I needed you.
    Have a wonderful day..Love you..MOM.

    • Mom, for once, I’m at a loss for words.
      You’re an amazing woman and wonderful mother. You chose to raise me to be the strong, faithful, hard-working woman I try my best to be 🙂 When you feel that motherly pride, just know that your Father feels the same about you. I love and appreciate you so so very much. Irreplaceable, inspirational, Mom. I love you!

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