Homeschool Prep


Since this is my very first time homeschooling any of my babies, I thought you might want to join me on this new adventure 🙂  I keep being told that I’m brave, and asked how nervous I am.  The truth  is that I’m not nervous, and I don’t feel brave at all.  Kailer is my son, and there isn’t a teacher in the world who loves him more than I do.  God chose to bless me with this boy, and the responsibility of raising him, and in this situation, homeschool is in his best interest.  It’s not right for everyone, and I won’t be one of those people who shoves it down everyone’s throat.  Chances are, Kailer may be the only one I homeschool, and maybe only for this year – there’s just no telling.  I’m taking it year by year 🙂

As you’re well aware, I LOVE lists and plans.  So I’ve written out our year at a glance.  Here it is so far:

School Day Schedule

10:00 Time For Truth – Bible Study
10:15 Physical Education
10:30 Math
10:45 Language Arts
11:00 Language Arts
11:15 Voice Lessons
11:30 Math
11:45 Life Skills
12:00 Lunch
12:15 Life Skills
12:30 Social Studies
12:45 Social Studies
1:00 Business Management/Marketing
1:15 Science
1:30 Science
1:45 Time For Truth – Bible Study

Weekly Agenda

Each week will include a math, spelling and novel quiz.

Monthly Agenda

Each month will have a theme which our lessons will be loosely based on. Kailer will be expected to read a novel, and do a monthly book report once the book has been read.  My plan is to choose novels that have also been made into movies, that we will watch as a family once the book report has been written.


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