The MUM Lists


Summer Officially began on June 21st, but my summer really gets going today – the last day of school.  I know most moms groan come this time of year, but I actually look forward to it.  My Kailer’s ADHD definitely makes my life a lot more interesting (to put it mildly), but he’s so much more than the loud, impulsive tornado, that most people see him as.  He’s kind, thoughtful, sensitive, funny, smart, creative, affectionate, helpful, protective… I could go on and on.  As I’m typing this, he’s finishing his breakfast.  He just spontaneously looked up and said “Mom, I love you”.  This isn’t a surprise to me really – he says this wonderful treasured phrase at least half a dozen times daily 🙂

The one problem I do have when he’s home all summer, is finding things to do that we can all enjoy – adults, my toddler, my preschooler and Kailer – my preadolescent.  So when my friend Jen (A Wife’s Life) told me she was making a summer bucket list, it sparked an idea – make a list of things we can all enjoy together.  I’ve already made a list of the dates of the fairs and festivals I want to attend as a family, so Jen’s list idea fits perfectly.  Thanks Jen!  So as not to completely hijack her idea, I’ve renamed it to fit my own anal retentive ways 🙂  I call it the MUM list – Making Unforgettable Memories 😀  I intend to use MUM lists for each season.  I love doing fun stuff with the kids, but too often it becomes mundane.  This list idea takes effort and consideration – purposeful playtime 🙂

Here’s my list so far:

  1. walk to the library
  2. visit the local splash park
  3. explore new playgrounds
  4. make Popsicle
  5. camp out in the back yard
  6. have a picnic
  7. blow bubbles
  8. build an indoor blanket fort
  9. buy, and play in a kiddy pool
  10. lunch date with Daddy
  11. make finger Jell-O
  12. do something nice for the eeighbors
  13. go to different beaches
  14. dress up
  15. have a tea party
  16. do handprint crafts
  17. have a dance party
  18. have a bon fire
  19. attend concerts in the park
  20. play in the sprinkler
  21. watch fireworks
  22. visit museum
  23. watch an outdoor movie
  24. thumbprint art

This list (in no particular order) is a work in progress 🙂  To break this down a little more, I think I’ll also make a list for the older boys, and then each child, because it’s important to spend one-on-one time with each of them as well.

  1. set up a lemonade stand
  2. participate in a parade
  3. bake cookies
  4. do a science experiment
  5. scavenger hunt
  6. go fishing
  7. go on a hike
  8. play water games
  9. go geo-caching – Kailer
  10. make a hummingbird feeding
  11. make a butterfly garden
  12. play outside in the rain – tag
  13. play flashlight tag
  14. play sprinkler games
  15. make a bird bath
  16. make a volcano
  17. kids plan dinner
  18. go horseback riding
  19. make ice-cream
  20. read a chapter book together
  21. fly a kite
  22. rootbeer floats
  23. tie dye shirts
  24. homemade pizza party
  25. have a sleepover
  26. Go to a rugby game
  27. teach swimming
  28. welcome new neighbors
  29. Make Canada Day T-shirt
  30. family games night
  31. go to the skate park
  32. have  a pillow fight
  33. make ice-cream sundaes
  34. learn the map of Canada
  35. master math facts
  36. create a reading program – Kailer
  37. make desserts
  38. Create a family photo booth
  39. write a silly story
  40. host a brunch with friends
  41. try foods with funny names
  42. make play dough
  43. learn the alphabet – Kaleb
  44. have a Royal Beach party – sand castles – Kaleb
  45. bowling
  46. play classic outdoor games – red light/green light etc.
  47. obstacle course
  48. build and sail boats
  49. color
  50. do puzzles
  51. bingo
  52. attend nearby fairs & festivals
  53. attend a pow wow
  54. participate in local library events
  55. school supply shopping

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