Confession: Housewife Faux Pas


Today’s been busy, and yet, as I told my friend Jen, it’s been a chase-my-tail kind of day 🙂  I’ve been running around picking up this, and putting that in the trash, making room here, and vacuuming there.  But when I turn around, the place is as it always is – a disaster 😦  The boys are finally in their rooms “napping”.  I’m taking this time to scouring  Pinterest for solutions to my issues – and boy oh boy do I have issues.  LOL!

The biggest problem that leads to my chaotic house is that things don’t have a place.  I working hard to solve this problem with the help of some great websites, DIY projects, and some wonderful people.

Well, I did it – I committed one of the most tabooed faux pas of a stay-at-home mom.  I just hired a cleaning lady 😦  I hate even admitting that, but I’m drowning in my own house, and it’s beginning to feel a little like fantasia – chaotic and stressful.  Sorry to those of you who love the movie.  I watched it as a child, and remember feeling very anxious 🙂

So, I’ve made up a honey-do list for my Mike, hired a cleaning lady (my aunt) for this Saturday, and a friend of mine is coming over on July 8th to help me declutter and organize.  I’ve also begin the 52 Weeks To An Organized Home decluttering challenge.  Yes, this is my second attempt at it (don’t judge me!) LOL!

I really really want this to work, so I’m throwing everything I have at this problem.  Wish me luch 🙂


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