The Ransom Box


Since I have 3 boys who are in different age categories (preadolescence, preschooler and toddler) it’s important to find creative ways to discipline them according to their age group.  Each of them has a core area in which they need it most.  Kailer, (age 9)  needs to learn to be tidier and more organized.  Kaleb , (age 3) needs to control his attitude.  And Kayden (age 1) needs to stay safe in the world around him.

DSC_0018Sometimes though, I stumble across a brilliant idea that seems to work well for them as a group, and which I can adopt as an ongoing consiquence.  Today, it’s “The Ransom Box” that my friend Sabrina pinned on Pinterest.  This is an empty box that will probably fill up fast for the first few weeks.  Every time the older boys don’t clean up after themselves, The items they leave lying around will go into the box.  In order to get the items back, they will be required to complete a tasks, on top of their regular chores.  They will earn one item back at a time.  There are a collection of tasks in a pouch on the box, and they can feel free to choose from those.  That way, I know the task is suitable for them, but they in essence choose their own consequence.  BRILLIANT! 😀  And although this system still a little too advanced for my 1 year old, he’ll grasp the concept of cleaning up after himself.  I’ve tweeked this idea a bit by having 3 boxes “Toys”, “Papers”, and “Stuff”, because eventually, this will be a system for the whole family.


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