Weightloss Lednesday – Becoming Fit & Finniky


Good morning, and welcome to WW.  I’ve finally hit the nice round number of 160 lbs. on the scale!  Now, only 10 more pounds to go till my first goal weight, and just in time for summer 😀  There are many reasons to lose weight, and if we’re honest with ourselves, most of us just wanna look good, and I am no exceptions.  While some ladies have a weakness for shoes, mine is shirts.  I love shopping for pretty tops – be it a cute T-shirt or a fancy blouse.  This has been a problem, and one that I’m currently dealing with…TOO MANY CLOTHES!  I have skinny clothes, fat-day clothes, maternity clothes, dresses, and clothes that I’ll fit in at the loss of 10 more pounds.  It’s become slightly overwhelming, as you may remember from Monday’s post 🙂  When I’m content in my skin though, I find that I do become a little more picky when buying clothes, which is a very good thing for me 😀  So here’s to being fit and finniky 😀


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