Tackle It Tuesday – Day By Day


Good morning, and welcome to Tackle It Tuesday 🙂
As you learned yesterday, I have a problem – it’s not my house, it’s me.  I love organizing and organizational tools, and yet my house is the essence of chaos, because it’s overrun with stuff.  Luckily, and as usual, I do have a plan.

  • Entrance:  clean, organizational tools, decorated
  • Living Room:  repurposed as adult space
  • Dining Room:  clean, clean lines, decorated
  • Kailer’s Room:  declutter, organizational tools
  • Bathroom:  organized closet, decorated
  • Nursery:  change to Kaleb’s room
  • Kitchen:  lots of organizational tools
  • Deck:  safer play space, company-ready
  • Yard:  landscaped, child-friendly
  • Under-Stairs Storage:  organized
  • 3rd Bedroom:  repurposed as Kayden’s room
  • Office:  repurposed as craft room/storage
  • Theater:  clean, organized, with master bedroom space

I have a whole lot of work ahead of me this week, but I’m going to try to take it day by day.
Today, my plan is to tackle the living room, nursery, and third bedroom.  The fact that I have little ones under foot and am babysitting today will affect that plan, but I will get stuff done, and to stay accountable, I’ll post pictures of the process as well 🙂


Tour_part 2 - Nursery TransitionThe crib has been moved downstairs to the new nursery, and Kaleb’s room is almost perfect.  Kayden’s up from his nop now, so it’s time for me to finish Kaleb’s room and get a jump on the living room.  TTFN  🙂


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