Minimalist Monday – The Ugly Truth Confession


As you know, I’ve struggled for years with the state of my house.  No matter what I try or how many times I tackle it, it kicks my butt every time.  Today, I sat down and thought about the roles each of my family members plays in the messiness.

  • Mike is a perfectionist, but he prefers a quick fix rather than completing a tedious project.
  • I am a perfectionist, but I get overwhelmed and distracted very easily.
  • Kailer thrives with order, but doesn’t know how to create or maintain it.
  • Kaleb’s 3, so he just wants to have everything at his fingertips
  • Kayden’s 1, and is a crawling, babbling mess-maker

Yikes!  What a collection 😀

Seeing as it’s spring, and I really feel the need to step it up this year, I’m taking on my house once again.  I’m absolutely ashamed of the state of my house – horrifying is an understatement.  I’ve made a virtual slideshow tour of my house, just to give you an idea of what I really am tackling.  Brace yourself…
Tour_part 1 - Upon Entering
Welcome!  Take your shoes off in the entrance and come upstairs.  I’ll show you around.  Once you’re at the top of the stairs, you’ll see the living room to your left, and the rest of the house to your right.  Sorry about the mess, I wasn`t expecting company.
Tour_part 2 - It Begins
On your left is the dining room.  We don`t eat meals together as often as we`d like, because the table is usually cluttered.  If you open the door on your right, you`ll be assaulted by the view of Kailer`s room.  Let`s close that door quickly.  The next room on your right is the bathroom, which houses our linen closet.
Tour_part 3 - Chaos At A Glance
The next door on your right is the nursery.  I`m pretty sure this room will always be a work in progress.  On your left is the kitchen.  I`m not a fan of the kitchen, because I`m not a good cook, but I`m working on that.  If we step out the back door, I`ll show you the deck.  We put a lock on the gate, which makes it a safe, fenced in outdoor play area, but it`s sure not fit for hosting.
Tour_part 4 - The Tail Spin
Follow me back through the house to the entrance.  Down these stairs is the basement.  The first room on your left is the under-the-stairs storage area, which really needs to be reorganized.  This door to your left is our former master bedroom, which is now just used for storage, but eventually we`d like to move Kayden into this room.  Down the hall on your right is the former office, which is also just used for storage now.  You`d think with all this storage space I`d have an organized house, but nope.  I`d like to turn this room into our craft room, but we`ll see.  Here at the end of the hall is the theater, which doubles as our master bedroom.  I have BIG plans for this space, but it`ll be tricky to arrange it so that it`s not awkward when we have company over.

So there it is.  Yes, I do know that I have plenty to be ashamed of, but I also know that I can and will get this place in order.  Anywho, I better get to it, because I really just want to hide in a cave and never speak of this again.



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