Kailer’s Decade Party Prep


This August is Kailer’s 10th birthday, and I plan on making a really big deal of it  😀

First of all, I’m planning 3 parties – one with my side of the family, one with Mike’s side, and a friends party.  Yes, I may have to take out a loan.  LOL!  It’ll be an entire weekend celebration from August 16-18, and I’m really looking forward to it 😀

Party #1: The Friends Minecraft Party
9321ef988955690f9fec32e3767ad0cc-1 – My plan is to have Mike create and print out 10 Minecraft invitations
– I’m going to order a TNT cake and put sparklers on it
– After hot dogs and cake, we’ll head over to the park.
– When we get back, it’ll be time to open gifts.
– Then they’ll play Mikecraft, or course.
– And to top off the day, one friend can spend the night.

Party #2: Grandma & Grandpa Party
This will be a straightforward family/family friends get together.

Party #3: Oma & Granddad Party
For this party, I’ll order a larger Minecraft themed cake, because 2 of my nephews on this side of the family are also huge Minecraft fans, and I know they’ll enjoy the cake almost as much as Kailer  🙂  I think I’ll give my cake lady free reign on this project, because she’s absolutely amazing, and I know I’ll love anything she designs 😀

I still haven’t decided what kind of a birthday gift to get Kailer, but he’s pretty easy to shop for.

Of course, Mike will do Kailer’s birthday studio photo shoot, which I look forward to all year 😀


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