I’m Back! – The Update


Alright, so it’s been a while since I’ve posted.  First of all, my computer fried, and we had to take time to shop for a new one.  Mike decided to give me his amazing one instead.  He used to use it for photo editing  so it’s fast and has lots of space.  Once he got it all set up, I realized I hadn’t written down any of my passwords, including the one for my blog.  When I tried to log in, it sent a password reset request to my old email account, which I had also forgotten the password for.  Eventually I got it all worked out, and here I am 😀

So what’s new?  Well, everything and nothing 🙂

Kayden had his first birthday  and two amazing parties.  We did an indoor photo shoot to celebrate Kayden’s birthday, and when the weather gets nicer (there’s still snow outside), I’m going to have a smash cake made so that we can do an outdoor photo shoot.  I’m really looking forward to that 😀 When we had the birthday party on Mike’s side of the family, Mike’s sister and her husband made a delicious cake in the shape of a #1 with an Elmo char actor molded from fondant.  Since Elmo is Kayden’s favorite character right now, it was really special.
For Kayden’s party at my parents’ place, I had a specialty cake made.  My friend Jen hooked me up with her husband’s aunt who makes amazing cakes.    She made 30 individual block cakes, and little yellow fondant ducklings as well.  Everything was just perfect!!!  She is also going to make the smash cake for the outdoor photo shoot.  I asked her to make a bigger block cake with a blue ribbon on top.  I’m so excited, and can hardly wait for the snow to melt 😀  It’s gonna be amazing!!!

My Kaleb is still doing the three year old thing – affectionate, demanding, adorable, sassy and soaking up all the information he possibly can.  He counts to 12 (to 20 with help), can sing the aphabet, knows the basic shapes and colors, and LOVES to learn.

My Kailer has taken a back seat to Kaleb as my “spirited child”.  He’s doing great in school, but really looking forward to homeschooling next year.  He’s so eager for spring, as he LOVES playing outside.  I’m going to begin planning Kailer’s 10th birthday in the near future.  I want it to be a big one, because it’s his first decade birthday 😀  The boy is crazy about MineCraft, so I think both cakes will be a character from that game.  It’ll be fun, and he’ll be so happy!

Mike and I are doing fantastically 😀  We’re still planning to move in 2015, and trying for baby #4 until then 🙂  I’ve begun the process of being tested for ADHD, and Mike is getting ready for the upcoming “wedding season”.  I’m still working on decluttering our home, and working toward what I want it to be – the trip to IKEA helped a lot 😀

Well, that’s life in a nutshell 😀


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