/essential Ideas For Parents of A Child With ADHD – video


I’ve posted other videos by Russel A Barkley.  This is the first time I’ve watched this one from start to finish, and I find it absolutely fantastic, as are his other videos.  Besides gaining a clearer picture of what my Kailer struggles with each and every day, and loving him even more for it, I find these videos challenging on a personal level.  Through my research into ADHD, I’ve come to the conclusion that I more than likely suffer from the disorder as well.  If you follow my blog, you’re probably aware of my consistant inconsistencies.  I begin so many projects with gusto and good intentions, and even a brilliant plan, but almost every time, I (for no apparent reason) fall off the wagon and just stop what I was doing.  It’s absolutely frustrating and depressing.  I’ve crumpled to the floor in tears on countless occasion, because I feel like I’m a complete failure in everything I attempt.  I’ve been called lazy, stupid, useless, failure, careless…and so on.  And these names have been tossed at me by people I love.  The trait I pocess that keeps me going is tenacity – it’s chaotic, but it’s there.  If I fail at one thing, just wait a little while, and you’ll watch me begin another project 🙂  Why can’t I apply my tenacity to the projects I fail before I fail at them?  I have no idea.  That’s why I believe I am dealing with ADHD.

So yes, I am working on outlining a new house keeping project, because this is something that is important to me and needs to get done.  So stay tuned for the new project 😀


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