The Plan: Baby and Retirement


Mike and I had a talk last night.  We have a plan to retire at 55, and so he would like our kiddos to be graduated and moved out by then.  For this reason, he hasn’t been keen on trying for baby #4.  I on the other hand, have this amazing ache for another child.  So last night, we came to an agreement that works perfectly for both of us.  We’re going to try for another baby until we move into a new house.  This kind of puts the pressure on, because our mortgage is up for renewal in 2015, and it’s at that time we’re planning to buy a new house.  With this plan, our youngest (should we get pregnant between now and 2015) will be at least 18 when Mike retires.  By that time, I’m pretty sure we’ll have or be close to having grand babies to spend time with, since Kailer will be 30, Kaleb will be24, and Kayden will be 21.  That’s a weird but exciting thought 😀  So, that’s the plan.  Looking forward to doing a prego post sometime soon 😀


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