Silly Kaleb Moments


My Kaleb is quite a character.  He’s always saying the funniest things.  Here are a few examples:

IMG_5057-1I caught him by the arm as he ran past me, and brought him to face me.Me: “Kaleb, are you poopy?”Kaleb: “No, I’m Kaleb”Me: speechless

Kaleb – “Mommy, that dinosaur is cold.”
Me – “Oh yeah, why’s that?”
Kaleb – “Cause he doesn’t have a jacket on outside.”
Me – almost spit juice all over “Yep, we should wear our jackets outside if it’s cold.”
Kaleb – “Yeah, he’s gonna get ear infection. His Mommy said that.”
Me – lost it. LOL!!!

Kaleb: “Mommy, what’s on your legs?”Me: “shorts”Kaleb: “sorts…shortsh…sortsh…That’s kind of a funny word – shortsh”Me: “LOL!  Yeah, I guess it is :D”

The boy definitely keeps me in stitches 😀


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