Depressing Diagnosis


It’s been an incredibly busy day.  In the first half of the day I joined my Kailer during his psychiatrist appointment.  It went really well for the most part.  The doctor was very approachable and kind, and didn’t make any of us uncomfortable.  The reason I pushed for this appointment was to have a professional to take a look at Kailer and his history, and see if he may have developed Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD) as a result of him having ADHD.  The doctor didn’t diagnose him today, which is good, because he still doesn’t know Kailer.  He does seem to think Kailer is heading in that direction though, and has made his first pit stop at Depression.  With this diagnosis, he prescribed Fluoxetine – better known as Prozac.  Fan-freakin-tastic!  I don’t think so 😦  He wants me to put my 9 year old son on an antidepressant?! Although this drug has been around since the 1970s, I suspect it wasn’t meant for children.  Kailer is already on Concerta, and the main side effect for him is a loss of appetite.  One of the side effects of Prozac is also loss of appetite.  Um…did anyone read Kailer’s chart?  Wow.

Now, I’m no expert, and I am by no means saying that depression doesn’t exist.  Depression is real, and it’s painful to live and watch.  Now, having said that, I am pretty sure my Kailer is not suffering from depression.  He does have low self esteem, but that and clinical depression are two very different things.

The doctor told me to start Kailer on the Prozac this weekend, but I won’t be doing that.  For now I’m researching like a maniac and collecting the opinions of others.  So feel free to let me know what you think of this.  Thanks so much.


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  1. Go to and search Prozac. It will give you the complete history of the drug and everything to do with it.

    I can see that Kai has low self-esteem, but it’s not depression. And no 9-year-old needs to go on anti-depressants!! That doctor is crazy!!!

  2. Way to go for making the right decision for your son! I’m proud of you! You know him best! I have a lot of past personal experience with psychiatric drugs and have done a lot of research myself. The book I most recommend is “Your Drug May Be Your Problem” (How and Why to Quit Taking Psychiatric Drugs) by Dr. Breggin and Dr. Cohen. I know the title may not sound like what you’re looking for, but it is full of just the kind of info you need. Dr. Breggin’s website is (Psychiatric Drug Facts). Hope this helps!!

    • That’s fantastic! Thank you so much for the advice and resource Rhonda 😀 I’ve written down the title, and will look for it asap. That sounds like a great book. Thanks again!

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